Saturday, May 3rd, 2014:

Up and Comer, Saturday Supper with Chef Andy Nhan of Maxime Bilet’s Art for Food at The VUDE!


Chef Andy Nhan

Chef Andy Nhan

Well some things are constant and some things change! This is not our normal up and comer, Sunday supper since the featured chef has already upped and come! But you just have not heard about him yet! And it is on a Saturday!

So please join us for an exclusive, multi-course, wine paired meal featuring one of Seattle’s most innovative and creative chefs, Chef Andy Nhan, as he prepares a menu he’s titled: “Spring Bounty: An Edible Journey with Seattle’s Master Farmers, Foragers and Artisans.”

So who is this masked man? Andy Nhan is the head chef at, Art for Food, the NEW culinary research and art space founded by Maxime Bilet, co-author of Modernist Cuisine. In this role, he collaborates on recipe development, writes menus for events, and leads the culinary team during dinners and events. He is the man behind the man!

Chef Andy has always had a love for eating and a passion for seeking out good food. He credits his early culinary memories to his nanny in Vietnam; she was an amazing cook and he admired her abilities greatly throughout his youth. He moved to America when he was still a child, but brought those experiences with him.

He completed his Culinary Arts degree in 2008 and began his cooking career at the illustrious Rainier Club, receiving guidance and education from Chef Bill Morris. He then worked at other Seattle area restaurants, including the Herbfarm, and then ended up in the culinary lab at Intellectual Ventures, where he first met Chef Bilet.

Chef Andy has spent the last year learning and refining modern technique cooking skills, and is excitedly planning a multi-course meal, exclusively available for VUDE members! He is seeking out the best, highest quality local ingredients and has come up with some truly unique dishes, sure to make a lasting impact on all our guests. He has enlisted several of his friends from the local culinary scene, including Chef Maxime Bilet, pastry chef Karen Krol from Cantinette, and sous chefs from other prominent Seattle restaurants. We will also be featuring a custom cocktail courtesy of a local Seattle distillery! Join us for Chef Andy’s first headlining event (but his SECOND time cooking at The VUDE) on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 commencing with cocktails and appetizers at 6:00pm. Of course, you can expect great pairings with each course as well! (Think Hand of God Wines!)

Tickets are available to VUDE members for a suggested $115.00, including tax, gratuity, your meal, cocktails and wine pairings.


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*Photo Credits: Mollie Donoghue, 2012