“Foraged, Farmed, & Fished”

Featuring Chef Nick Coffey of Sitka & Spruce. At The VUDE Saturday July 19th, 2014.

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Chef Coffey Fish

Experience a night that showcases the best of what nature has to offer. During Chef Nick Coffey’s “Foraged, Farmed, and Fished” dinner, you’ll share in Nick’s vision as he seeks to define Pacific Northwest cuisine by highlighting the best ingredients of the season. As the night unfolds through multiple courses, you’ll become part of a tale told through food and drink-of the bounty that comes from the natural world around us, the people who bring it to us, and the chef who turns it all into something unforgettable.


As always at The VUDE each course comes with pairings; Captive Spirits’ Big Gin is opening our night, Hand of God Wines, and of course, a few additional surprises.


Chef Bio & Philosophy:

Nick has been cooking at Sitka and Spruce for the last 4 years.  In that time he has risen quickly and now heads the kitchen.  He has been able to grow and cement great relationships with the foragers, farmers and fisherman that define the cuisine here in Seattle and the Northwest.  These relationships are so important to his food.  He believes that cooking starts way before the food reaches the kitchen.  The choices made in the fields, in the woods, or on the coast decide what a final product will taste like.


In the kitchen he likes to draw from history and nature by looking backwards to move forward.  Exploring older technique such as fermentation, drying, pickling & preserving.  In these techniques time is an important ingredient which Nick’s food flirt’s with.   Nick likes to draw inspiration for food from experiences.  It is why he likes to get out the kitchen to source ingredients as well.  It is through these products and experience he strives to define his surroundings and the Northwest as a whole through his food.


Tickets are $110, which includes food, wine, cocktails, tax, and gratuity. Available through Brown Paper tickets here.

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*Photo Credits: Mollie Donoghue, 2012